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Even if you are not crazy about watching movies, would you say that you won’t enjoy watching a movie in your own media room? Now, getting such a room will mean spending lots of money. However, you can start thinking about that unused space in the basement and take on the project yourself, and you may do this even on a tight budget.

Here are the steps to turning your basement into a true media room that all will love.

Step 1 Get rid of all the junk

If your basement is cluttered with things you don’t actually need, then it’s time to finally throw all that junk away. In your theatre room, you will need only a large TV, comfortable seating, and great speakers.

Step 2 Preparation

If your basement has been used as a storage area for years, then it maybe deserves some painting and redecorating. These will, of course, depend on the way you want your media room to look like. When you clear up the space, you should make sure that it is safe to spend time in. Now, you should have some vague idea about the style of your media room.

Step 3 Make your sound system plan

When you choose speakers, it is better to choose the ones that will not look like technical equipment but like decorative accessories that will fit into the style of your room. So, it would be great if you can recess speakers into your walls or ceiling. In this way, no wires will be visible, but what is even more important is that you will get the effect of surrounding sound.

Step 4 Media storage

Since this will be your home theatre room, it is obvious that a large TV screen will be the star of the room. So, you should think about designing a small cabinet which will hold all the media components you have. You can either get a separate storage cabinet or those really cool built-in cabinets that can house your electronics.

Step 5 Great seating

Besides a large TV screen, another thing that makes a perfect home theatre room is great seating. When planning your seating, two important things are the position and comfort. So, you should make sure that everyone has a good view of the TV screen.

Depending on how large your space is, you can choose sectionals or electronic recliners. Recliners are great if you have a tight space because they usually recline forward instead of back against the wall. Those little colorful pillows are always great to find in a theatre room.

Step 6 Acoustics

When it comes to acoustics, you will have to make an inspection of your room, i.e. consider all the soft and hard surfaces that can affect the sound. A good way to go to is to choose soft fabric shades and a thick carpet. If you invested into a beautiful hardwood floors and want to show that off, you should at least cover the floor with an area rug.

When you look at some examples of amazing home theatre rooms, you’ll see that there are no metal or glass fixtures at all. You can guess that, of course, this is because of the acoustics. So, if you still want to have some light fixtures in your theatre room, you should opt for some fabric shades.

Step 7 Get a remote control

And the last step is to connect everything to a single remote control. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a real movie experience because you will be able to dim the lights, play a movie, and control the AV equipment from the comfort of your armchair.

Now when all is set up, choose a movie, relax in your armchair and enjoy.


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Comment by Bert Sarkkinen on February 18, 2016 at 9:54am

I will add now "Media Room" to my list of wants. Of course with "Timber Accents". Really love the idea about sound proofing too! 

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