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Just like with any other constructions, log cabins tend to wear out over the time. Therefore, if you have been neglecting the maintenance of your log cabin, it might be the right time to think about completely remodeling its exterior. We have come up with 5 things you can do if you decide to take on this project. None of them are too expensive and they are guaranteed to give your log cabin an entirely new look. Keep reading to find out more.

Get New Front Door and Windows

Your front door and all the windows play a huge role in how your log cabin is going to look. So if you want to remodel your cabin completely, this is something you should think about doing. Replacing your front door and windows might even be necessary, especially if they have worn out over the time. The best way to check if this is the case is to look for any cracks in them. If you feel they let the cold air in during the winter, replacing them is an absolute must. There are many wooden doors and windows available on the market that are just perfect for most of the cabins out there.

Build a Small Path

If there’s no path leading to the front door of your log cabin, building one is a great thing you can do. Not only will it make the exterior of your log cabin look much better but it will also keep all the visitors’ shoes clean before they enter your cabin. Since your cabin is made of logs, it might be a good idea to use concrete in order to create some contrast. By using concrete sealer you are guaranteed to make your path look even better. If you want to add some style to it as well, you can plant some flowers alongside the entire path.

Work on Your Roof

Your cabin’s roof is also something that gets damaged over time. So when remodeling the cabin, doing some work on your roof might be necessary. In some cases, there will be parts that simply have to be replaced. This usually happens when some of the wood on your roof has been exposed to sun and rain too much. Of course it would take much time for them to break completely, but having them replaced on time is always recommended. Just make sure all the new wood you put on your roof is properly sealed.

Look for Any Large Cracks

Every log cabin owner knows how dealing with cracks can be difficult. Still this is something that has to be done, especially of you plan to remodel the entire cabin. You should start by looking for any large cracks in your cabin that may cause some bigger problems in the future. If you spot any of these, you should fill them with backer rod that will do the trick just fine. What’s great about backer rod is that it helps you fill all the holes and provide flexibility so that there is no loss when it comes to caulk’s adhesion.

Replace the Chinking

A large number of log cabin log styles incorporates chinking in order to seal all the gaps between the logs. If your log cabin is a bit older, chances are inflexible type of chinking has been used during its construction. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to have all the chinking replaced. Newer chinking options are elastomeric which means they provide good adhesion to the logs. Some of the older chinking options don’t even look that good, so getting a new chinking might also be a great way to improve the looks of your log cabin.

Do all of these things and your log cabin will get an entirely new look. But there’s no reason to stop there. You can always keep searching for some new updates you can do on your cabin.

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