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Bathroom is a bathroom, what difference does it make if it is  in a log cabin or an apartment? In terms of functionality and installations, this could be true, but in terms of design, a log cabin bathroom is a world of its own. That is, if you wish to keep the true spirit of a log cabin-being a part of the nature that surrounds it. These top 10 pick use only natural materials without neglecting any of the functionality features, and the results are stunning.

Slate tile dominance

The perfect symbiosis of slate tile and log bathroom can be put to an ultimate level without in fact overdoing it. Using slate tile on the bathtub, the counters, the ceiling and the shower may seem too much on paper, but in nature it provides a perfect design that will enrich any log cabin bathroom aesthetics. It can also be used for flooring but with certain precautions.

The room with a view

A simplistic design, with a traditional tub as a centerpiece, a single counter and basin and windows covering almost the entire wall surface provides a breathtaking atmosphere. This is especially true during snowy time where all the witness is juxtaposed by the warmth of the interior. Naturally, this is more convenient for secluded cabins without curious neighbors.

Simple, yet effective

If your bathroom is small in size, keeping things simple is the key to success. A bathtub of suitable dimensions, a couple of antique drawers and a wooden toiletry shelf is all you need to make it functional and uncluttered.

Dark wood as a leitmotif

Dark wood gives a particularly impressive touch to log bathrooms. Barren dark wood roof beams and slate tiles create a unique and truly rustic atmosphere. While a skylight enhances it even more and prevents the atmosphere from being too dark.

Slate brick shower and cobblestone floor

All the fans of good old times design will simply love this combination. With dark panels resembling old barns added to the walls and an antique candelabrum elegantly positioned you will feel as being a part of a fairy tale.

Big space, big ideas

If you are blessed with a large bathroom space use the opportunity to make something special. Start by having both a shower and a step up tub. Next, maximize the window area and let as much natural light as possible. Hand hewn walls would fit a large space perfectly, as well as floor to ceiling shelves of similar design. Lastly, iron light fixtures will complete the overall atmosphere of grandness.

Green is great

Even though it is probably not the first idea when it comes to the design of log bathrooms, green color is something that makes a great and at the same time a calming impact. Light green tiles and cabinets will perfectly blend with dark floor and a traditional white bathtub. Add a touch of granite to the walls and the result will be thrilling.

More green is even greater

By adding live greenery, a log cabin bathroom easily turns into a spa resembling experience. A deep and center-positioned bathtub surrounded by ivy, bamboo and Aloe Vera will not only create an aesthetic success but turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating area.

Knotty wood walls

Walls entirely covered by knotty wood give an authentic appearance with their asymmetric lines and work great in confided spaces. Coupled with granite and inbuilt tub, such log cabin bathrooms can be used for sauna sessions as well.

Rustic farmhouse atmosphere

A traditional milky white tub accompanied by a console or pedestal sink and contrasted to stone walls and wooden floor recreate a rustic farmhouse atmosphere which feels at home with any type of cabin log.


The design combinations for cabin log bathrooms are practically endless. As long as natural materials are used and the space kept uncluttered the outcome is bound to be successful and your enjoyment and rejuvenation are a safe bet. 

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