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How Do the New Smart Appliances Help You Save on Utility Costs?

Appliances are getting smarter. In anticipation of a new smart-grid from utility companies, many appliances are making helpful suggestions about how to save electricity. So, even if a new oven won't help you make better cookies — although it might — it could definitely help you save money. See more of these smart appliances and read all about them in the new issue of Timber Home Living magazine, coming out at the end of March.

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Comment by Tim Schreiner on April 6, 2010 at 4:28pm
Thank you for your comment. You make some good points. I think the appliances will improve as consumers ask for (or demand) better appliances, but the question of a move from 110 to 230 volts is probably years away and will probably not come from consumers.
Comment by Reinhard Sauter on April 6, 2010 at 4:21pm
I would think it help to save energy, but more than that the comfort and quality of cooking will increase. I moved 8 years ago from Germany to the US and found the Standard of appliances in high end homes, like the ones my mother throw away 30 years ago. To me it was unbelievable that this brand new but antic stuff from GE and others was still available and even today it is available. I totally agree that the new appliances will save a lot of energy and bring a for common US Standards whole new century of comfort. I just wish it could be made in the USA too and not being always imported. But along with that the whole powergrid need to be changed from 110, 207,220, 240, 270, 440, 460,480 220 single phase, 220 3 phase to just as simple 230/400 V System like most countries around the world use it. Energy starts way before the appliances. A 110 V can never be sufficient or even save. Just a smart grid discussion on the US power system is like a dump 1000 cellphones in a cave and expect because you feed it with high tech the cave will became a Stainless Steel, Glass covered skyscraper. Any cent investing in the US Power system will be another truckload of cellphones just dumped in the cave .

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