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An Alluring, Inventive and Carbon Neutral Hearth for Your Home – the Bio-ethanol Fireplace

Are you thinking of getting a unique fireplace for your home? Considering your options, nothing can match the charm and functionality of ethanol fireplaces – whether you want to spend some quality time with your partner over a glass of red wine or wish to indulge in your favourite book, an ethanol fireplace can cast a bewitching spell on you, offering the right mix of comfort and luxury. Bio-ethanol fireplaces, also known as eco fireplaces, alcohol fireplaces, or simply, ethanol heaters, are widely gaining popularity for their advantages. Fuelled by bio-ethanol, they are odourless, ensuring neat burning without the inconvenience of fumes, or embers.  Since they do not require flues, chimneys or other external support, they are extremely easy to install and use.    

  • Simple, Attractive, and Innovative Structures

Bio-ethanol fireplaces have simple structures – although the exact elements of ethanol hearths differ from model to model, the essential features of a standard ethanol fireplace include:

  • The body
  • Embellishments: glass frames, gravel, ceramic logs, etc.
  • Burners
  • Bio-fuel

Bio-ethanol fireplaces require bio-fuel, a fuel that is produced through a complex biological process, such as agriculture and anaerobic digestion. As opposed to conventional fossil fuels that are derived from geological processes, bio-fuels are generated from organic sources which include agricultural, commercial, domestic, or industrial wastes. Conveniently enough, bio-ethanol fireplace fuel is commonly available online and in physical stores.

  • Tips for Using an Ethanol Fireplace

Whether you want a hearth for heating or to enhance the atmosphere of your home, ethanol fireplaces are easy to operate.

1. Buy Good Fuel:

Don’t compromise with the quality of ethanol fuel; using cheaper brands can lead to severe hazards. Purchase the single litre bottles of bio-ethanol, and use a funnel to prevent spillage.

2. Carefully Drain the Fuel into the Burner:

Pour the fuel into the burner after consulting the user manual.

3. Light the Fire:

You can either use a long lighter or a long match to ignite the fuel inside the burner.

4. Controlling and Blowing Out the Fire :

Ethanol fireplaces have facilities like a lid and a regulator rod, which enable to adjust the flames and to extinguish the fire.

  • Safety

Ethanol fireplaces make a healthy choice since they provide better air quality than wood or gas fireplaces. Bio-ethanol fireplaces are mostly safe if carefully operated. However, you should remember that exposure to flames and inflammable liquids can lead to severe injuries and property damage.  You must exercise caution and care. Going forward, bio-ethanol fireplaces could be hazardous for young children and pets; this is why it is convenient to opt for a wall-mounted fireplace so that they don’t get hurt. For extra security, you can consider a fireplace that comes with glass frames, to shield children and pets from being exposed to the fire.

  • Installation of Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are very easy to install; they do not need a flue, pipe connection, or any other reconstruction. Without the need for gas lines, electric lines or any other external support,  ethanol fireplaces are vent free – and since they run on bio-fuels, they can be installed anywhere.

Ethanol fireplaces are truly a splendid addition to your house – but if not carefully installed, they can be a cause for potential damage. If you consider installing an ethanol fireplace, seek professional help.


By virtue of all these properties, ethanol fireplaces can be installed both indoors as well as outdoors. From cutting-edge wall mounted ethanol hearths, free standing ethanol fireplaces to elegant table top alternatives, ethanol fireplaces are gradually becoming the trend for their exquisite finish and easy accessibility. Nowadays, they are featuring in numerous bathrooms next to attractive bathtubs, offices, food stations, lounges, and hotels.

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