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For Sale: A Unique Hand Crafted Timber Frame in Kennedyville, Maryland...

Greetings all Timber Framers.  I am posting this for my In Laws, who live in a beautiful timber frame on the Delmarva peninsula.  The ad is also featured on Craiglist, at the following address with a bunch of pictures, to boot.:


Here's the ad copy:

Unique hand crafted white pine timber frame home on the Eastern Shore of…


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A Home That's "Just Right"

When I first began this job a year ago, one of my first editorial assignments was to interview Michaela Mahady, architect, author and all-around happy-home expert. Although we covered a lot of ground in that hour-long conversation (Michaela had just come out with her new book, Welcoming Home, and it’s safe to say…


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Warm Welcome!

The entire Beaver Mountain Family welcomes Francie Cook to the team! For over 30 years, Francie Cook has been active in the building industry.  Having a passion for helping to make people’s dream homes become a reality, she is proud to say that she’s been directly involved in the designing, estimating and building of over 2,000 homes!


After graduating from SUNY Delhi, Francie started off here at Beaver Mountain as a Design Consultant for ten years. She went on to…


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Choosing the right sash windows for your home

There are many reasons to choose timber sash windows and as with most things that were outdated and problematic, the issues have been rectified and now sash windows are back and more popular than ever before. There are many reasons why people are…


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You Spoke, We Listened

Blame it on the media — now more than ever, we’re being inundated with all things related to home design. From entire networks dedicated to buying homes, building homes, decorating homes — you name it — to flashy magazines (yes, this one included) and…


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Builder Insight: Q&A with Rick Stockmann of Specialty Built Construction

If you're a Timber Home Living subscriber, have picked up the latest issue on newsstands or downloaded a visual copy to your tablet, chances are you've noticed Russ and…

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Take it Outside

Come late spring, the longing begins. For most of us, this is the time of year we start to pine for the days when the sunlight lingers past 8 p.m., the warm air wrapping around us like a sun-dried beach towel. It’s the…


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Circa 1776 Timber Frame For Sale

Circa 1776 Timber Frame For Sale

Old growth Pine, Oak, and Chestnut

Hand-Hewn / Sawn…


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Six questions to ask when buying land for a timber frame home (2 of 2)

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to spend more money on a quality lot in order to decrease land development costs when it comes time to build.  To make sure you know when you’re getting, it’s essential to ask some tough questions before committing to a piece of land.

In part oneMoore Log and Timber Homes discussed the first three of six questions we’d recommend you ask before buying land…


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Six questions to ask when buying land for a timber frame home (1 of 2)

We’ve worked with clients to build a post and beam home on land with stunning views, gorgeous lookouts or breathtaking terrains.  What we’ve learned:  before you buy, there are some questions you should ask to save yourself future headaches.  It can be frustrating to find out after you’ve bought property for a timber frame floor plan that you’ve also committed to a host of hidden costs.



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Four ways a timber frame home can revitalize you

The log and timber home lifestyle doesn’t have to wait until you retire.  A modern dovetail log home or a custom timber frame house built as a secondary residence can be a perfect way to balance working life with the need to get away.

Building a secondary home offers a whole new set of lifestyle possibilities for your vacations, family gatherings and even simple weekend escapes from the city.

For our client Trudy, a business owner in Saskatoon,…


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Editor's Note: Masters of the House

Perhaps the best perk of designing your own timber home is the freedom to include absolutely anything you want in the design. Sure, this means a lot of decisions about what details and amenities are most important to you and your lifestyle, but the end result is a customized house, tailor…


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Editor's Note: Think Big, Build Small

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to interview Jay Shafer, the founder and owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and spokesperson for the small-house revolution. We spent time talking about his company that sells truly tiny houses ranging in…


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Best Timber Homes of 2012

It's no secret that timber homes can stand the test of time. But in these times, when money is tight and energy costs are constantly on the rise, that timeless is appeal is more important than ever.

Because they're built with structural insulated panels (or SIPs) and boast an ultra-tight envelope,…


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Ceiling Options for Timber Framed Spaces

It’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of ceilings installed over timber frame roof systems are v-grooved tongue & groove boards, 6” or 8” wide. At least that’s the impression you’d get after leafing through timber frame magazines and books, or after visiting the web sites of timber frame companies. Natural, unfinished white pine seems to be the prevalent choice, and usually provides a complementary, slightly contrasting neutral backdrop for the…


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