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Home Improvements that Require Permits

When you make home improvements, you often come to wonder whether the project will require permission from the local authorities. It is hard to guises just by looking at the building plan. You need to check with your city government whether a permit is really necessary. Not to mention, sometimes there are certain restrictions when it comes to building and structural changes, so if you want your home makeover to go smoothly, you need to be familiar with these things. To see which home…


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A clean and sparkling office

A busy office with a large group of employees is prone to get messy very quickly. The bustling activity of the workers may prevent some messes to not get cleaned up right away or sometimes that may be forgotten about altogether. Fortunately these days’ we have office cleaning services which help to maintain the professional…


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Keeping Your Gas Furnace Running

Gas furnaces generally require very little maintenance to run efficiently. Still, some simple steps may help keep the repairmen away and reduce the size of the bill when you do require them.

“Before commencing any work on your gas furnace, ensure that you have a safe work environment,” said Barb Tresbesch of Corporate Mechanical HVAC…


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5 Possible Causes of a Leaking Roof

Nobody wants to run for a drip bucket whenever it rains. A small leak in your roof indicates a major issue that can cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience. However, it is possible to fix the issue before it manifests into a more complicated problem that requires a substantial investment on repairs. Below are common causes of roof…


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5 Steps to an Energy-Efficient Home

Energy costs are constantly on the rise and can definitely take chunk out of your budget. A typical household annually spends between 2 500 and 5 000 kWh. With some smart moves these numbers can be significantly reduced. What you will want to do is to…


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Tips and Tricks for Designing Your Perfect Home Office

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. The bad side of this kind of job is that your home is, at the same time, your office. If you are not taking enough care, your home could get overcrowded with papers, files and everything else you usually leave at the office. In order to prevent this, you should have a separate space for your workplace. What is more, you can design it yourself however you like it.…


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Natural Ways to Build Your Own Veggie Garden

If you are blessed with living in a house and you have a garden, perhaps it was high time you turned it into something different, above all healthy and fulfilling, a vegetable garden. It goes without saying that flower gardens, lawns and trees give additional value to every house, both aesthetic and relaxing. However, a vegetable garden has all of that and something more. All this and natural ways to build your own veggie garden is what…


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Wooden Crates for Home Interior

There’s just something about making use of old items designated for a different purpose or destined to be disassembled or destroyed. A good example lies in a thing as simple as a wooden crate or pallet. With a bit of imagination and in some instances even less handiwork, you can create bookshelves, beds, even beds, practically out of thin air!…


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Working on Your Bedroom’s Décor

Any day now you will wake up and tell yourself that there has to be a change. No, not to yourself, you are fine as it is, but the environment definitely needs some work. Your bedroom is growing stale and you are getting tired of the same old thing over and over again. Say enough is enough and work for a better scenery by changing things up. Here is some advice for a efficient and noticeable change.…


Added by Heather Roberts on September 1, 2015 at 9:09am — No Comments

Equipment You Can't Have Your Dream Garden Without

Behind the scenes of every adorable garden there is a devoted and caring homeowner and their gardening equipment. Since not all tools are made equal, this short guide will try to cover the essential tools every aspiring gardener needs to have in the shed.…


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Top Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

It is obvious that kitchens are important parts of your home. Sometimes, people forget just how important kitchens are, even though they spend a lot of time there. People in Britain spend about 72 minutes a day cooking, according to Daily Mail. That is a big part of your day if you remember that you spend eight hours working. Organize your kitchen to make the time you spend…


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Don’t Just Build, Create!

Imagining, planning and then building your own home from scratch was the only way to do it… a century back. Nowadays, everything seems to be designed and built by experts, while the “only” thing you need to be concerned about is the depth of your pocket. However, not everyone is scared of delving deeper into truly building one’s house, in quite a literal sense.…


Added by Tyler M. Newport on August 20, 2015 at 7:18am — No Comments

Room Decor the NFL Way

Anyone who claims that being a football fan cannot be a full time hobby, is dead wrong, and will probably offend the millions of sports fans who take real pride in supporting their team. Actually, very often, being a devout fan isn't even a hobby, it's a lifestyle, and an essential part of a fan's personality. And since we all like our personality to be reflected in our homes, NFL fans are not exempt from the art of tasteful home decorating.…


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What you need to know about cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is a very practical and cost-effective way of retaining energy from escaping your home. Insulating your walls this way will make your heating bills go down, prevent heat loss and reduce the carbon footprint. If your home is uninsulated, about one third of all the heat that is lost gets out through the walls.

What is cavity wall insulation and how does it work?

In the past 100 years,…


Added by Tyler M. Newport on July 23, 2015 at 4:59am — No Comments

Modern Garden and Patio Designs

Contemporary outdoor spaces are characterized by a combination of refreshingly geometric lines and open spaces on one side and attention to detail on the other. This balanced seating is contrasted against overgrown patches that stand boldly against traditional trimmed lawns. The idea of modern landscaping is to incorporate all these elements in an interesting and unique way.…


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Fast Cleanup for the Timber Home

Congratulations on finally making that timber home. It took effort, but now you can fully enjoy the aesthetic house choice, and its touch with nature. But you will find a few problems – like how to efficiently clean it. Everything is different now, and all the wood is a subject of withering or bloating if you are not careful. The…


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Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Your Timber Home

If you are of the timber enthusiasts and like natural-looking homes, you might find it difficult to clean the whole place as timber generally requires a lot of attention. And you cannot simply dump a cleaning product of any kind on the floor as most of them are acidic concoctions which will eat away at your wooden floor. Wooden structures are delicate things and should be treated with care. Your best choice would be to contact professional…


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Cleaning Up for Interior Design Ideas

If you are trying to bring some new life to your house by organising it, but you do not seem to be coming up with any ideas, you need to shake some things up. No, not yourself – your home, more preferably. Sometimes you need to find yourself one project in order to get ideas for another. So while you are brainstorming about how to put some new order in your home, why not start with cleaning it – you will need a clean slate to put your ideas…


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Cost Effective Solution For Noise Reduction In Buildings

Famous architect Robert B. Newman, who was one of the biggest experts in the field of architectural acoustics stated that technology of noise control is well developed, and the only problem is that it is too seldom used. Noise criteria curves are one of the ways of measuring which levels of noise are acceptable. Allowable values depend of the purpose of the interior space. Recommended noise criteria values range from 20-25 for churches and theatres to 45-60 for…


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Brighten Your House with Vibrant Colors for the Summer

Spring cleaning is done and the cleaning agency workers depart from your home. You turn around to observe it, but feel like something is amiss. Summer is coming and the dark colours will just not do, they simply contrast with your mood and with the world outside. So how about getting a few buckets of paint and refresh your home further with some new colours. Some carefully chosen new colours will not only give your home a new and exciting look, but will also add some flavour and meaning to…


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