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What made you choose a timber frame home?  Did you purchase a home with the perfect mountain view, or did you have one custom built?  What was the deciding factor when you chose your home?

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My thoughts that led me to timber construction are likely more unusual than others. I began my working life as a teenager sawing lumber with my dad on his portable sawmill and as the years went by I determined the fastest and least expensive way to prepare a lumber package for building was to use the larger timbers as opposed to 2x4's and 2x6's. I didn't have any construction experience at the time but knew that "I want to build my own house someday, myself". I actually stopped pursuing a career in the fire department so I could "learn how to build things"

I spent many years reading and trying to educate myself about the what, why's and how's to different building styles and as fate turned out I found myself working in the water and fire damage business for residential buildings. Those years confirmed a lot of what I call "things I won't build" as I tore apart house after house of rot, mold and just plain bad engineering of wood structures that seemed so unnecessary.

The carpenters of centuries ago had already utilized the best path for wood structures, "keep as close to the source as possible". Just as in good health it is recommended to choose your food and sustenance in the same way.

My name is Mike, currently living in Florida but looking very seriously at land in western NC to build a Timber Frame. Love the look and the open feel. Doing lots of research now to determine rough ideas of cost. 


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