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We all have hobbies and collections of items. I am always interested in how people use their collections to decorate their homes. Some people can get quite carried away. My husband and I rented a cabin a few years ago that was decorated with a "duck" theme. There were ducks everywhere - on top of the cabinets, refrigerator, duck prints, duck rugs, duck dishes, duck throws, and bedding, duck knicknacks, cutesy duck sayings. After reading the guest book, it seems that guests also got into the habit of sending or leaving duck items at the house, so possibly I can't blame the owner entirely. I did not add to the madness with a duck gift. Someone desperately needed to intervene (not me, however) .

As we were decorating one of my homes for a tour and photo shoot, we started with an oil painting of a rooster and added just a few (I mean few) kitchen decor items with roosters. Everytime I shop and see something with a rooster, I do have have to tell myself NO! And, my guests have now given me a couple rooster items since. I'm afraid. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I guess I should leave a note telling people that I'm in rooster therapy. It's hard keeping a decor theme simply that. A few items go a long way. I noticed that many cabin/rustic furnishing stores really love the themes as well and are all contributing to our insanity from bears to pinecones, and, don't get me started on antlers.

Would love to hear some of your stories and collections.

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