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We have a Timber Frame cabin, with SIPS used for the exterior walls.  Unfortunately our builder did not elect to have drywall put on the SIPS prior to the SUPS being fastened to the timbers.  As a result, when the drywall was put up, it is a poor fit against the timbers, and there are gaps in places between the drywall and timbers, that are a bity unsightly.  I would like to cover them up or fill in the gaps with out having to repaint, but I'm not sure this is possible.  So far my best solutions are:


1.)Cover the gaps with small peices of wood

2.)Find color matched caulking and attempt to fills the gaps

3.)Fill the cracks with caulking and repaint.

This was a rookie mistake that would have been easily remedied by attaching drywall to the SIPs before they were attached to the house, so a good reminder for those in the building process.

Has anyone else encountered this and have a suggestion?


Thanks in adavance

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I suggest you fill the gaps with caulk and then cover the gap with (perhaps) quarter round painted to match the wall.

I don't know about rookie mistakes, it probably isn't too good a choice to have drywall trapped between timber and SIP. If moisture got into that area somehow, it would go unnoticed until the odor of mold began to drive you nuts.  Then getting that moldy drywall off the structure would be quite a chore, I think.

Good Luck

I was kind of thinking of having the wood strips match the timber, but that is an interesting idea.  I have yet to find a picture of anyone who has done either.  Some folks have mentioned using a tear away bead for a cleaner finish, but that would mean redoing all of the drywall edges and repainting.  Interesting point on the moisture buildup, I hadn't really considered that.  Thanks for your response.


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