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Infill Pane advice needed Please. 4 Replies

Started by Doug Skaggs. Last reply by Doug Skaggs Oct 14, 2015.

Timber renovation options?

Started by Chris McCracken May 27, 2015.


What type of wood should I use to build a sustainable home? What materials stand the test of time? How much will a really save with Product A vs. Product X? Have a question? Have an answer? Share both here! View Discussions

Drywall and Timber Issue 2 Replies

Started by Steven Quehl. Last reply by Steven Quehl Apr 23, 2014.

Circa 1776 Timber Frame For Sale

Started by Ruby Ferm May 14, 2013.

Treated Timbers 1 Reply

Started by Andrew Aiden. Last reply by Gravitas Design Dec 29, 2011.

aged wood not need finish? 3 Replies

Started by foot chester. Last reply by Danielle Taylor Feb 23, 2011.


Home decor can make (or break!) the style of your place. Share tips, tricks and pictures of your favorites (and your least favorites!) here. View Discussions


Started by Michael Leggett Aug 8, 2009.

Themed Decor

Started by Pam Pringle May 19, 2009.

Decorative styles

Started by Justin Gordon Mar 27, 2009.

Building a Sustainable Home

Are you reading this from a job site? If you've got questions or answers about the building process, or you building advice ASAP this is the place to give it and get it! View Discussions

Timbers going up....

Started by Jeffrey Aug 7, 2013.


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